Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What IS ProfitTrek?

ProfitTrek TE Blog describes what a traffic exchange or TE is and how to use it. If I want others to see my website or marketing page, I can simply view the member webpages in a traffic exchange. In return members will see mine. Traffic exchanges offer a simple way to do this. As a logged in member, I need merely add my page to rotation of the traffic exchange and begin auto surfing websites. Remember others agree to view my website as I have agreed to view theirs. Each page view, earns a surfing credit which is applied to my webpage. The more members sites I view, the more my site gets seen.

Now if you like that sort of thing, surfing traffic exchanges is a lot of fun. TE's offer rewards for the number of pages you surf, in the form of credits, banners, text ads, list ads, etc. Viewing other pages, you get to see what's on the rise and what's converting. You may also find tools and resources, which can help you build your business. I like to use down-line building and blogging to build my personal brand and to accrue surfers beneath me in my favorite traffic exchanges. This is important, because as you grow your downlines in TEs you need to be recognizable to fellow surfers.

It's common knowledge in Traffic Exchanges that people tend to follow and friend people they are familiar with. Also if they are familiar with your face and content, they are more likely to opt-in to your mailing list or subscribe to your blog. Having people in your mailing list allows you to contact them in their email box. This is important because the email box, in spite of a lot of myth is still a very personal place for most people. If you can get into their email box, you can influence them with your opportunity or resources. So making your face known and creating legible content about your opportunity is critical in traffic exchanges.

Traffic exchanges are a great place to generate traffic to your website or affiliate page; they are lots of fun and they are most commonly FREE to join. So don't hesitate to join a good traffic exchange. You'll enjoy viewing other peoples opportunities and resources, as well as have a venue to improve your brand and build down-lines in your favorite traffic exchanges and marketing resources. Have fun!