Monday, August 5, 2013


Why is BrandMeTool so great?! Well, it is just so simple really; the way it's set up, the way you build your downlines with it. After someone joins under you, they go to the set-up page and can join traffic exchanges with a single click. Because, their email address has already been confirmed by BrandMeTool. This new technology is specifically designed to make it easy to sign up and get surfing. It really is fun to surf traffic exchanges if you like that sort of thing; and you can create a surfing business too. BrandMeTool just makes it so easy, with one click sign up and not to mention the branding capabilities.

You'll have branded splash pages and banners, to promote your favorite traffic exchanges, safelists, ptcs and listbuilders. Your downlines in these free marketing resources can explode, using BrandMeTool, because the sign up and set-up can happen so rapidly. Most downline builders will have you sign up for each resource, sending you back and forth to your mailbox over and over, but BrandMeTool brands your tools as your signing up. No other downline builder is equipped to deliver such lightning fast results. When you are surfing, you need to keep surfing. So finding a tool that can be easily set up and quickly modified is a real benefit to yourself and other surfers. This makes BrandMeTool a no brainer.

For the person who likes to surf and wants his downline surfing, BrandMeTool is the best downline builder, because it gives the ability to sign up quick, get fully branded in all marketing favorites and get right back to surfing. I recommend this tool to all serious surfers. There really is no other option when it comes to surf downline building. Other downline builders talk about referral maximization, while BrandMeTool provides it. Others lead you around, making upgrade offers, before they even offer ability for growth. BrandMeTool starts you growing the second you join it, simply because of the technology it implements and the care put into it's design. Join BrandMeTool today and TRULY...Build YOUR Downlines!!!