Saturday, July 27, 2013

Build Your Traffic Exchange Downlines

To build your traffic exchange downlines, promote traffic exchanges! (TEs) Use a squeeze page in TEs and Safelists to build your list. Also blog about the Top 10 Traffic Exchanges. Affiliate Funnel  is a great place to find the Top Ten. Fill your email series with the email ad copies from those TEs. These methods put you on the offense, as well as draw natural traffic through your content on the web. We are talking about thousands upon thousands of visitors to your affiliate links upon a daily basis. To maximize these two methods, join VitalViralPro and put keyword text links to your blog in your squeeze page. VVP will track hits to your squeeze page, so you know which TEs are doing best from week to week.

Find a free autoresponder if you are just starting out. Fill in your email series and paste your form code into the instant squeeze page maker in the Affiliate Funnel back office. Then promote your squeeze page in all the top TE's. Surfing can be fun, but did you ever get going and then start to realize that something was missing; well trust me this is it. You need to build your list and be able to send em' an email series! Why? They need to see your offers repeatedly (at least 7 times) in order to truly see them and once they are in your list, you can email them forever. When we're on the internet, we get inundated by hundreds of promotions, just in the time we sitting at our computer for a brief daily surf.

Prospects will ignore most of what they see while surfing, like there's a veil over their eyes to keep them from going insane; but they are not as likely to ignore their email box. It's their personal mailbox! This is where you want to get their attention with info about the best traffic exchanges and the importance of tabbed surfing, so they'll know to surf them all simultaneously for maximized traffic. You want to build a team of surfers, who are surfing all the same TEs you are. This is more important than anything. This is the goal. The more they sure, the more free traffic you get. If they upgrade, YOU get a commission on that upgrade. The more people in your downline the better....period. Get em' surfing!!!