Saturday, May 25, 2013

Build YOUR Downlines!!!

Too many times people are mislead, even by "successful" internet marketers. Why? It's simple really. They are trying harder to get your money than to actually HELP you make money. They always do this. I want people to know that ALL you need to do is promote FREE traffic resources and get paid commissions for member upgrades. This method works, because the tracking, the split testing and the best places to surf have all been determined for you. However you must promote THEIR converting pages and surf the most popular TE's.

Downline builders are great, but all the best TE's have them and you want to fill those up before joining others; this is how you build a network. You need to build from the ground up. That means that the best traffic exchanges are where you need start. Why? Because they will have the most people surfing them and they are most reliable when it comes to paying commissions. Few TE's are successful enough to actually pay substantial profits. The best TE's make sure people like you and me are surfing them. You want to promote and surf them.

A great way to promote these free resources and promote multiple resources at the same time, (as well as your blog) is to start using VitalViralPro. It is the most versatile and comprehensive tool to date. Promoting it and using it is the same as promoting the exchanges, because Troy Wray knows how important it is to promote free resources and to let them shine on their own. All successful TE owners create, test, track and split test their splash pages in order to see how well they convert. Therefore it is important to promote those exchanges with THEIR marketing resources.

Building traffic exchange downlines is only as simple as you let it be. The owners make it simple for you. Just promote their banners, text ads and splash pages. You'll find yourself building your downlines and earning commissions in no time. Start promoting and surfing the best te's today. The sooner you get started the better.