Wednesday, April 3, 2013

PTC Downlines

I am so excited about downline building! When you build a network, word of mouth takes over. You gotta visualize an organization before you can ever create a network though. So don't just think it's gonna appear in front of you; rather visualize it in your mind. Picture your friends talking about the network you are heading up and share your information cheerfully. That's how you make it "appear". But remember you have to want this! You need to believe in it and know that it can happen. I'm telling you it can happen. Create and share. That's the key! A network grows through word of mouth!

Create a splashpage with link share capacity and Facebook links to get people chatting about you and to you. It takes patience, but it will happen if you are consistent in sharing daily and promoting your pages with free web traffic resources. This is important; always promote your squeeze pages in either a rotator or on a webpage that people can 'like' or 'share' with other people. Then as you get thousands of views, banner or text link impressions through safelists or traffic exchanges, you'll find yourself killing two birds with one stone. The more you promote the more you'll find yourself chatting, sharing and being liked. This IS The Power Of Leverage, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Lastly in this quick lesson on building a network, is the most important part of it all. Work everyday and treat YOUR internet business like a BUSINESS!!! You CANNOT build, tear down and give up, build, tear down and give in. This is the most detrimental symptom of failure in every endeavor. You MUST build, maintain precise measures, duplicate those measures and PROMOTE THEM EVERYDAY!!! Don't throw out your work, make use of each marketing tool and never stop creating, sharing and promoting. If you can get your mind around this, let go and work as hard as you possibly know how, you WILL succeed!